Top 5 Marketing Trends that You don’t afford to Miss

As the year of 2020 is going on very fast and we have to get with what marketing trends 2020 year are going on. And this year is set to witness the digital revolution a much faster than you ever think of. And till date if you are out of date with the digital marketing trends, then you might be risking your brand to losing out on awareness.And not just awareness but is also the conversions and reach not to mention the risk of being left out.

So, here are these digital marketing trends, 2020 is going to come with and you should not try to miss these trends.

1. Podcasts to get Heard

All of us know that how intense the competition on Youtube is going on. But other than Youtube there is an another platform that is much underrated and that is Podcasts. In the past years they are already seen as an important source of content. And if you are thinking that there is lesser crowd on Podcasts than it is a good thing for it as you will be able to get your brand in front of that audience in an unsaturated space. So, get your eye on this trend to rise above and cut your competition.

2. WhatsApp Business & ChatBots to Promote brands

WhatsApp, the most popular chatting platform, has become one of the most favored channels for businesses. WhatsApp isn’t just about messaging people any longer. WhatsApp Business is getting progressively well known for organizations to speak with their clients.

For instance, Book My Show has coordinated WhatsApp for Business to send ticket confirmations on the buyer’s WhatsApp.

3. TikTok get out of Competition

Gone are the days when big 5: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube ruled the computerized world. Everyone has shifted on TikTok, as the stage exceeded in 2019. This platform has attracted clients with entertainment.

Nonetheless, 2020 will be the year when TikTok is utilized for education and promotion. Also, it is predicted that TikTok is more than prepared to take on a major portion of the marketing budget plan in 2020.

4. SEO & Influencers to Top Marketing Strategy

The intensity of SEO isn’t hidden any digital advertiser. Web search tools are setting better expectations and calculations, positioning just those sites who center around improving their substance. So also, influencer showcasing will be a major pattern with the center moving from huge influencers to little ones. Influencers increment the level and nature of commitment of your image.

So, these  are the marketing trends 2020 year is going to witness and will be a break through in this digital revolution. And in case you feel that you have some doubts or suggestions then feel free to contact us.

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